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Oh look. Something else but obsessing about exams and interned connections.

ryf started this in honor of her not-really-lost wallet.
Because it doesn't involve ranting about internet access (all my love goes the anaesthesiologist who gave me her password), or my mobile (it's just three months old, how can the battery suddenly die on me?), here's a meme:
What's in my wallet?
Go and get your wallet/purse and list what's in it. Tells us something about these things.
  • A 5 Pound note - well that's what a wallet is for, isn't it?
  • Receipt of deposit for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - will stay in there until next month.
  • 2 RM stamps for letters to Europe - which have been in there since I was in London in Janurary. This reminds me, I have to send out postcards. Anyone want one?
  • An old copy card - can't use it anymore. Will have to go soon.
  • An IOU 10 Euros from a friend - by now nearly 2 years old, I doubt she remembers and I won't remind her
  • All tickets for movies, theatre, museums, even public transport in a foreign city since the start of the year - I collect them over a few months and put them in a box afterward. I'm not big on souvenirs, but I collect tickets. It helps me remember what I've done.
  • Two used tram tickets from Leipzig - normally it's one unused and one used ticket, if necessary I restamp the used one and try to pass if of as absent mindedness should there be a check. I've never yet been checked in five years though. And I don't make a habit of not paying, I just don't always have enough change with me and the machines tend to spit out my bills.
  • Some change; 2.84 Pounds
  • My ID card - need to renew it when I get home, it's only valid until December
  • An old ticket to the Leipzig Zoo - it could be used for a whole year and I forgot to take it out afterward. Need to visit the zoo again when I get back and get a new one.
  • Two different blood donor cards - one for Leipzig and one for my hometown. I sometimes use them to give more blood a year than I would otherwise be allowed
  • My organ donor card - I've had one since I turned 18
  • A letter from my mother, saying I'm allowed to drive her car - necessary because it's effectively my car but my mother pays the tax, so should I ever be stopped I want to be able to prove that I didn't steal the car from my mother
  • A cat's clavicle - For no other reason than I like to say that I've got a cat's clavicle in my wallet.
  • An international student identity card - helps to save money.
  • A sixt express card - just in case I ever need a rental car.
  • A youth hostel card - very important.
  • A mastercard - I recently switched banks and this one came with my new account.
  • A card for the video rental in my hometown - I've only used it once or twice before. I don't need one for the one in Leipzig
  • A member card from the automobile club - I've been a member since I got my drivers license and never once needed them. But I still think the money is well spend. (I think I need to renew that one too when I get back home)
  • An EC card for my new account - no money there yet and I forgot to ask for a dispo (no idea what that would be in English). Note to self: Do this when you get home
  • My students identity card - another ID. I've got a lot of those.
  • My uni library card - rarely used it. The vet library is half empty because the floor can't support the weight of all the books. And for the fist three years I was there, they didn't yet use the computer system.
  • A visa card - what would I do without?
  • My health insurance card - hopefully never needed
  • My european health insurance card - don't want to need that one either
  • My drivers licence - stupid credit card sized thing. I had one of the pink paper ones but when I got the lisence for the motorbike, they gave me this one
  • My EC card for my old account - didn't yet tell them I don't want to have anything to do with them anymore.
That's it.
And yes, the thing is *huge*. When I carry it in my back pocket I look deformed.
And if I ever lost it I'd die.
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