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Look I'm doing other things but obsess about internet access.

Though it's pretty pathetic that I spend the whole day insides, catching up with my flist, reading fic, occasionally looking at the tv with a (sorry kriski) women's football match and generally being lazy.
Especially since there are a whole of three dogs and three cats in the hospital right now, and none of those needs special attention, so I could have gone out after the morning round and not come back until the afternoon round.

In my defense, the weather is exactly the kind where it won't rain all day as long as I stay inside, but as soon as I go out biking it starts to pour.
But at least I cycled up to the nearest point of touristic interest - Castlelaw Fort - after yesterdays trip to every store on Princes Street that seemed to sell mobile phones (I could have bought my phone a second time in every one, but not the battery). Where I took about two thousand pictures of landscape. And sheep.

Otherwise I've been invited for dinner with people I've never met before by one of the anaesthesiologists (see next to last entry re:freakyly nice) who was called to a colic surgery just when I arrived. One of her other guests and I then continued to help/stand in her way until the horse was dead and we could get back to the salad.
I've also spent more time picking up shit than I want to think about.
And panicked about exams, but that's a given.

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