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After two full nights of sleep, I finally had enough of my laziness. When I woke up a five this morning and the weather was fine, I grabbed my bike and went to Roslin Chapel (and if I hadn't been drooling over the Geocaching website - thank you very much here_be_dragons for rekindling that addiction to something I can't afford *g* - I would have neither known that the last chapter of The DaVinci Code was set here, nor of the existence of the Glen) and walked about 90 minutes through the Glen.
Which proofed to be a lot of fun. Even though my trainers were certainly not the best choice of footwear and have still not dried out completely (wet grass rather than slippery stones in the water, actually).

Pictures. Roslin Glen and Castlelaw Hill. I guess you could describe them as 'green with a few sheep'

No rants about internet or work today. Must plan more trips to Glens and Hills.

Tags: picspam
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