Ridicully - verbal voyeur extraordinaire (ridicully) wrote,
Ridicully - verbal voyeur extraordinaire

Just kill me now - or let me go back to the small animals.

If I've only been suspecting it before, after the last three days I'm 100% sure: I don't want to work as an equine vet. I'm not very interested in other large animals either, but horses are the worst.

I don't mind the four-hourly colic checks or carrying around 30-40 kg of infusion, it's the standing around, doing nothing that gets me. Which is ridiculous because I quite happily stood in the theatre doing nothing for hours in the small animal hospital.

I just don't care about horses. I can't help but feel that they've but two types of problems - either they're lame or they have colics - and even though I *know* there are myriads of reasons for these two things, I just can't work up an interest.

Bah. I think it only adds to my problem that there isn't a central place where students can find out what will be done on a day, so it depends on your luck if you'll spend two hours holding a mare's tail or assisting during surgery.

At least the three guys on ICU this week are nice. And one of them just cooked a nice meal for all of us. However, this doesn't mean that working in pairs and therefore having to adjust my working speed won't get a whiny mention.


In other news, I've started to make some plans for the five days of free time after I finish here, my English is getting worse every day and I just realized that my next exam (that I haven't yet studied for of course) is in forty days.

Now, to get some sleep and hopefully wake up in a better mood. But as I just noticed, my mood isn't all that bad, as long as I'm not bored.

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