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Very nice day

After the morning rounds today, I got in my car and went into Edinburgh. After parking at the Uni library I went to Starbucks for coffee and (more important) wireless.

Afterward I walked under a bright blue sky to Arthur's Seat, where I couldn't resist leaving the road again and just walking over the hills in between me and the car park where I wanted to go.
Did I mention that my rucksack did contain ten apples, a melon, a liter of orange juice, bread and cheese in addition to my laptop? And that I didn't have anything to cover my head with me?
When I arrived at the car park the first thing I did was sit in the shadow for about 15 minutes. Since I was trying to meet some LJ people I had never seen before, I tried to keep an eye on the car park while hiding in the shadows under the trees (What? Hiding and observing is what I do when I meet people. I think tried to peer through the window of the cafe, where I was meeting real live slashers for the first time for 30 minutes before I found the nerve to go in.)
After a bit of confusion (which led to me walking up and down another hill and taking pictures, because you can only sit and stare at people for so long) I managed to locate the impressive yonmei and hfnuala. And after some other articulate people whose LJ names I forgot had found the place as well (which did involve waving from hill to hill while talking on the mobile in one case) there was a very nice picnic under wonderful sunshine with very interesting and impressive people and fun discussions (during which I did little else but sit and listen, but that's another one of those things I do).
And by leaving rather early, I even managed to be back at the clinic in time for the end of the 16:00 rounds - which happened to be somewhat late.

Great day.
I feel only slightly sunburned - putting on sunscreen *before* walking in the sun for an hour is something I routinely forget - but most of this will probably end up as the kind of beige that my body insists is a tan, met new people and don't think I annoyed anyone too much. And the food was good too *g*
Really great day.

The next planned escape from the bush is Friday. After the 20:00 rounds I'll dissapear and join the unwashed masses waiting for the new Harry Potter. And I won't leave this room for anything but rounds on Saturday either (she wrote, ascertaining at least three emergencies on that day).

And my spoiler policy for that book is, that while I don't actively search for spoilers, I don't mind very much being spoiled. (I'd better not be, since I've disabled LJ-cuts from working on my flist.) But I'll put everything I would consider a spoiler behind a cut for at least a month (you never know, I just might suddenly decide to talk a lot about fandom in this journal). But if your definition of a spoiler is so strict as to include mentioning who is shown on the cover art, you should probably better not read my journal.

[Edited to change the dates. If you can't even read a calender any more it's time to get more sleep I think.]

And soon*: Sleep. I only get more than four uninterrupted hours every two nights, I'd better make use of that.

*which should be read as: after the midnight rounds which today include catching a somewhat ... temperamental mare in the field to give her an oxytocin injection. Yesterday it took two of us about 15 minutes. Today, they told me, the three of them they tried for 20 minutes. I think this doesn't bode well.

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