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Just finished HBP - rounds and weekend-treatments slowed me down a bit

Oh. My. God.
That woman is pure evil.
What do you mean, you've not yet read the book?
A Yay for a merciful short stint of HP/GW.
A wow for Dumbledore's death.
A bit of a meh for too many ships - but nothing too soppy so it's ok
A double yay for the plot.
And a big huge OMGWTFBBQ for Snape
*goes and dies again*
SNAPE!!! NO! (DD's death I can live with but this) NO!

Non-spoiler reactions:

  • I love this book. I broke my brain, but I love it.
  • I think it has seen the editor OotP needed.
  • I love the plot.
  • I want to kill JKR for doing this to me.
  • I want the last book right now.
  • I want to read lots and lots of AU fanfic.

*needs to read discussions about this book immediately*

Tags: fandom, hp
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