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Thoughts while reading HBP

These are just so I can remember what I thought while I read the book the first time. I did this for the last book as well.
I just scribbled down what came to my mind while reading. There are no theories or arguments here. But there is an overuse of exclamation marks and completely irrelevant thoughts.
My notes on the first read - wow are those incoherent (Note for the next book. Write down the page and not the time you read it)
Short explanations 24 hours later in italics

  • 0:30 - AHHHH! The spoiler chapter was an acutal chapter? Good thing I didn't read it.
  • 0:40 - 20 pages in and she already killed Amelia Bones. Cruel woman!
  • 0:45 - And she sacked Fudge. I love her. -- The description was the new MOM?
  • 0:47 - She made Kingsley a secretary?
  • 0:49 - First chapter without Harry? And the second starts without him too? That's certainly a step away from the pattern.
  • 0:50 - Cissy? Oh, please!
  • 0:54 - Ahhhh! Snape at home. In a slum. Live is sooo good. -- And Bella doesn't trust him? Oh god. -- Books!
  • 0:55 - Don't let this be the start of more SS/PP slash. Please, I beg you. -- Hah. Not so much the right hand now. Heh
  • 0:58 - Seems Bellatrix is the voice of fandom (Because she asks all those questions people have asked for years)
  • 1:00 - If she makes Snape a faithful DE I'll never forgive her!
  • 1:03 - He has no clue what they're talking about, right? -- Too much fanfic JKR, initiate Draco while he's still at shchool? (This was while they were talking about the oath.)
  • 1:04 - Oh, he's just supposed to kill Harry?
  • 1:05 - Fuck! What? No! What are you doing? Please. Snape. Don't be a traitor. It's necessary, but still. Fuck!
  • 1:08 - A misty fug? Is that even a word?
  • 1:09 - The Chosen One? Mix up of fandoms. Can't cope!
  • 1:11 - Side along apparition? Fanfic contamination or pressing question answered?
  • 1:14 - agapanthoses? I like Dumbledore, even though I don't know what he said either. (It was an insult, right?)
  • 1:17 - Ok, Dumbledore is obviously dead by the end of the book -- Of course DD is enjoying himself, that's obvious
  • 1:18 - Sirius will. I've read to much fanfic if this sounds cliche to me
  • 1:20 - Yep. Too much fanfic. Gave away all possible plot-twists
  • 1:23 - Well, this I didn't see coming. Kreacher as a 'who owns the house' test?
  • 1:26 - YES! Tell those Dursleys. And he even told them they mistreated their own son. All those rants have shown an effect.
  • 1:32 - ZOMBIES!
  • 1:35 - An inanimagus? Really. Too much fanfic.
  • 1:40 - Even *he* finds the comparison to his mothers eyes waring
  • 1:42 - Sneaky old bugger
  • 1:45 - This love of power reminds me so much of a few fandom!Snapes I've read
  • 1:49 - An excess of plegm? Where did she get the chapter titels from? My case notes? (And why do they call her Phlegm? Do I pronounce Fleur somehow wrong?)
  • 1:50 - (Does my watch still work?) Bedroom names! Bwahahahah!
  • 2:00 - Man, lots of people just banging in the room. -- I bet he looked 'oddly groggy'
  • 2:02 - Harry doesn't seem as affected by Fleur as Ron. Again. Hmmmm.
  • 2:04 - Last night in your broom shed. I think I read a fic with this title once
  • 2:07 - OWLS! OWLS! OWLS! (I really wanted to know the results)
  • 2:09 - How much that SS will take over DADA?
  • 2:10 - Now that's a trick. Not prefect but the same rights. Cop out :p
  • 2:12 - A Probity Probe? Guess what the new toy for pornish_pixies is?
  • 2:20 - I like Harry again. Thank god.
  • 2:23 - Owl nuts?
  • 2:27 - Edible Dark Marks. Good sense of business indeed
  • 2:42 - Ron's hand gestures are getting more and more recognizable
  • 2:49 - This carrying around the invisibility cloak will lead to nothing good
  • 2:52 - Payback is a bitch, Harry (When he was lying in the train.)
  • 2:55 - Anything so she doesn't have to write another Sorting Hat song, eh? *g*
  • 2:59 - The sensitivity of a blunt axe, the maturity of a teaspoon. Ron is really a nice guy, isn't he?
  • 3:15 - Uh, oh. Manipulation in potions class. Nobody can tell me Harry getting this book was an accident.
  • 3:18 - Please not this. Just. No
  • 3:20 - OK. It's really Snape. Shite.
  • 3:23 - Wah. DD is volunteering information? That can't be good.
  • 3:26 - Voldie backstory! Yay!
  • 3:30 - Or maybe not. But come on. Little Hangleton.
  • 3:32 - Are, there we are. That's Vodie's Mom for sure.
  • 3:50 - AragonAragog is ill? I see a plotpoint coming up. -- And can I just say Hagrid/Aragog is wrong but even more canon than Remus/Sirius.
  • 4:03 - And we have CAPSLOCK!Harry. But not so much out of teenaged angst.
  • 4:05 - Can I just repeat that H/G is my most hated pairing Just no, ok?
  • 4:11 - I know it's intentional, but Harry's obsession with Malfoy is getting a bit much.
  • 4:35 - I'll have to live with H/G right? There doesn't seem to be a way around it. Please let this pairing die before the end of the book. PLEASE
  • 4:41 - Harry you idiot. Not for examinations or Quidditch!
  • 4:46 - Ok boy, sometimes you're really Slytherin.
  • 4:50 - Oh teenaged love. How utterly boring.
  • 4:51 - And Harry has learned that silence can be a virtue. Will wonders never cease?
  • 5:45 - Great, there are the Horcruxes. Thanks a lot florahart. (Because she had some thoughts on the meaning of the name - and I didn't first type marksykins, no I didn't)
  • 6:10 - Why don't you just POISON RON? Gods, woman. You're really cruel.
  • 6:20 - Bibble Buggins?
  • 6:35 - She did say it wasn't Voldie, right?
  • 6:47 - The guy wanted to teach?
  • 6:55 - Now the boy dreams of Malfoy and Snape? Please, take the fanfic out of my head.
  • (About here the rest of the house woke up and interrupted my reading)
  • 7:30 - One of these days I'm going to make sense of all those passwords. (Because they're so completely random, they got to have a hidden meaning.)
  • 7:32 - An object with part of the soul? Argh! Major plot point.
  • (And here I had to leave for rounds. In the middle of the Horcrux chapter.)
  • 9:45 - Fuck! I like this book and exactly when it gets really gripping I have to go to rounds. Even now I've just about 15 Minutes before I will be missed. Argh! I want to finish this book.
  • (And here a colic arrived. Murphy how do I hate you)
  • 10:15 - Get it over with the teenage love, I want more of the plot.
  • 10:50 - I don't want to deal with CAPSLOCK!Harry right now, even if I see his point. More plot! Now!
  • 11:20 - The old coot is completely insane. I love him, but he is insane. Drink it?
  • 12:30 - Not Snape. Double traitor? Please, no!
(And here my brain broke which made taking notes impossible. They would have consisted mostly of: Wah! No. But. No. Wah!)

And my thoughts while reading it the second time - might even be understandable for someone else but me
Nothing here yet - I'm still reading - but one thing:
I bet JKR is laughing really hard at the Ron/Hermione shippers.
Because their ship is still not hard canon. Ron/Lavender is more canon than Ron/Hermione. This makes me smile.

On a non-Hp note:
Why is there so much going on in the Small Animal hospital today? It's a weekend and I want to sneak in an use their internet to discuss HBP. How inconsiderate of them to not take that in account when talking with patients.

And I'm going to blame my lack of sleep for the fact that not being able to open the KY-Jelly tube with one hand and only barely with two hands amuses me so much.

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