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Bed now, please.

Do you know what I don't need after a nice day out (and I really have to think about this tendency to lie and make up an elaborate story why I have to leave and what detained me instead of just asking for a day off, which no one would mind) meeting people (fyrie), haunting bookshops and babbling about fandoms?
Coming back to the cottage to find out the fourth girl that has had a rash for the last few days actually has the measles.

I don't mind so much since I had them as a child, but the other two girls* spent the day at the doctors, having to wait since they were no emergencies and being told after all the waiting that even if the had not been vaccinated as children and did never have the measles, they would not be vaccinated now. And being one student low, means we can't really work in the Health and Saftey ordered pairs (not that we actually do most of the time, but in some cases you need one person to hold the horse while the other TPRs or gives drugs), which will make the checks before rounds take longer, and it also messes up our "one pair is doing the midnight-checks, the other the 4-am-checks and the next night we switch" system.
So I have to do both midnight and four o'clock checks tonight.
Feel my joy. The first week all of us did the midnight checks and we just switched on the 4-am-checks and I really could live without doing this again.

At least they trimmed the number of cases down from 35 (plus five foals) to 18 (plus three foals). And maybe we'll get it down a bit more during the weekend and won't have any emergencies.
Pigs might also fly.

But even if I'm dead tired, if it's not raining, I'm still planing to bike to Roslin again after the four-am-checks on Sunday and drive through Scotland a bit during next week.

* It's actually quite fun, the first week I shared the cottage with three guys, the second with two guys and a girl and this week there were three girls - just a random observation.

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