Ridicully - verbal voyeur extraordinaire (ridicully) wrote,
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Ahhhh! Paranoia.

I know I ticked the little box next to "comment as user".
Why did it use this account anyway?
*deletes and hopes sister doesn't get her comments sent to her*

Actually, if she found this journal, it wouldn't be too bad. I'm just panicking on general principle.

(I obviously survived the food hygiene lab. Barely. Today I read the book with all the postal codes because I was so bored.
But I shouldn't even be online, so this entry isn't really here and I'm on my desk, studying like I'm supposed to. If you just squint the right way you can see me sitting there and this entry fading into nothingness.
I've got the feeling I'm still quite silly. Sorry. I'm just too happy that I never have to go back to the lab.
Stopping now.)
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