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University politics - fun, fun, fun

Bah, somtimes I have to wonder about people.

At university today I had to wonder if everyone there was really an adult. It was asked of the students some weeks ago to write a report how they see the last year accademically. We wrote it and it was somehow critic, but no one was atacked personally and most of the problems mentioned had been mentioned by a lecturer before. Maybe we could have choosen the wording more careful, but we were the only volunteers and didn't have much time either. Yesterday this report was given to all the faculty - and the heads of the four clinics decided that if we thought they were doing so bad, they would now stop doing all the things we didn't mention, so we can see how bad it could be.
One clinic already turned of the intranet - the main source of information for all of us, whicht incidentally also contains the files with all relevant information many of us will be tested on on monday, and which no one has saved.
So now all the students who were told, not to "copy every slide, because all of it will be on the 'net" are trying study for an exam about all the cases of the past semester, without any information.
Excuse me, but isn't this a rather extrem reaction to some critic? Ok, the wording was a bit harsh, but couldn't they talk to us first? Instead of just saying "Well, it's your own fault!" and ignoring every question of all the students who didn't even know about the report?

Just had to rant a litte bit - and I'm really having fun getting to know how lj works ;)

On other news I've just spent over 100 Euro for one little book.
Why am I always to late too get one of the libary books?

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