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Random things

On the subject du jour:
People failing to grasp the difference between "I'm left in a city I didn't want to be, but couldn't leave because I don't own a car; the city is flooded and I don't have anything to drink; it might be wrong, but I'm taking it from the flooded supermarket that will probably throw this stuff away anyway." and "I'm left in a flooded city because I refused to leave; the TVs and clothes in the stores over there look really nice, I'll take some of those" amaze me. Of course there are variations in between, but if it's food or drink and would otherwise be rotting in the shelves, it's not *proper* looting.
And the colour of your skin actually doesn't matter for that.

Something completely different:
Passed surgery.
Now on to internal medicine. If it's large animals again I'll scream.

And something else:
The weather's fantastic.
Having to stay inside and study most of the day isn't.
Swimming is fun, but not conductive to getting information into my brain.
I don't care

One last thing:
I really don't try to slash politicians, and Die Linke is about as far from my political opinion as it gets, so maybe I'm missing some vital bit of information, but what message am I supposed to take from this? Gysi/Lafontaine?

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