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AWS mixed with my day, mixed with my insane nature

Ok, yesterday. A wizard song. I was prepared. I reread the whole Tea Series on Sunday. I started AWS at 5:30 am.

I read a lot. I mean really a lot. Since I was five or younger. I have a good memory - trained thoroughly because I read more than one book at the same time. I've trained myself to be able to stop at nearly every point of the story without difficulty. I don't need the end of a chapter or some sense of conclusion. I can mostly stop in the middle of a sentence or at least the end of a paragraph and am able to start again at this point without much rereading of previous lines even after some weeks.

So when I say that I didn't dare to read further than chapter 6 in the morning even though I would have had another hour before I really had to go to uni it's the best proof of how captivating it is.
I just wasn't sure I would find a good point to stop again after I had just reached the first of them after three hours.

Of course when I took my bike out I saw that the tyre was flat again. When I was out with Kuno 4 hours earlier I hadn't been. Why do people throw their bottles always on the part of the path that's for the bikes? The shards don't disturb the pedestrians.
I've got a lot of practice with changing the tube, but these things are expensive if you have to buy one nearly every month.
So I not only had to go to uni but also to buy a new tube and repair the bike some time that day. And all I wanted to do was read this story.

But I managed to concentrate on my classes! I was even motivated. That's what having something good to read will do to me.

When I got back (with the new tube) I started reading again even though I was hungry because I hadn't had anything to eat in my flat this morning and hadn't bought anything either.
I don't like my stomach making strange sounds. I know what I have to do to stop it. The shop isn't even a ten minute walk away. But I couldn't go there till was somewhere around chapter 15. Because I just couldn't find a good place to stop!
I went shopping, came back and read without any major pause till the end, which I reached around 11 pm.

The last time I've been this crazy was when wikdsushi put Holding the fort up on her site. That time my computer died (I had to wait two weeks till I got my replacement - I'm still unable to belive I survived it) as soon as I had opened the first page and I actually went to the main campus to use one of the uni computer. I had to queue nearly one hour till I got to use one and had been back three times when I finally finished it - but I was of no use until then.

After both stories I felt unable to say anything else but GAH! and even more then half a year later and more rereads than I care to count I still don't know how to thank Sushi for her story.

As for A wizard song, now it's a day later and I still can't say anything else but:


But I promised myself to try and formulate some kind of coherent response that I can actually send to the author.
It's part of one of my self-improvement programs, this one titled "From irresponsible reader to articulate reviewer in five easy steps"

Snape: He may not be my Snape, but he's wonderful. His personality is consistent throughout the whole Tea Series. It's so terrible/fantastic to see this man struggle against his absolute love/need for Harry. And he really loves Harry. Those sex-scenes did show it - I normally hate the term love-making but in this context it fits.
You destroy me (If I quoted this wrong I think I will die of shame) he couldn't have put it any other/better way.

Harry: Dark!Harry. This is such a realistic development of JKR's Harry, I can really see it. Slowly without being aware of it expressing more Slytherin tendencies. Learning dark magic without realizing it. Being so insightful and at the same time so naive about the relationship with Severus.

The plot: Draco.Neville.Ferrets. Attempted assasinations.The twins. McGonagall/Delacour. Dumbledore. Sirius.
So many lovely details - Singing ornaments. Ron preparing for the Ball without asking Hermione first. Unreadable!Dumbledore. BigBrother!Ron and George. Nobody noticing the change in Neville. Friendship with Cho. Zonko noticing the single bed.
What I really wanted right after finishing was to strangle Dumbledore - or to see one of the talks he and Severus undoubtedly (well, in my mind at least) had over the course of the year.

The smut: Chapters 3 and 20 *pants*
Not exactly like a banana. The 'contests'. Snapes use of words while describing sex. Blushing. And still the little details, like the differences of their preferences regarding blow jobs

Even if it takes as long as this one, I'm sure the next part will be equally fantastic/frustrating

It's still not really coherent, but the best I can do at the moment.

And now to something completely different:

After a discussion today I feel compelled to look up the history of Q-tips.
This of course leads me to the eternal question how this thing I call my brain sometimes works.

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