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This day is really just bizarre.

So, sisters 'might be a circulation problem, might be a tumour' on the CT turned out to be 'not a tumour and a very specific kind of circulation problem' on the MRI. Namely, a stroke.
We'll see if a stroke at 22 after the latest dose of amphetamines will turn out to be a wake up call. (Though probably nothing will help us to get rid of stupid boyfriend).
Of course she was also found to have a Foramen ovale persistens which makes her likely to have actually suffered from a paradox thrombemboly - something every textbook makes out to be the "of course it's theoretically possible" option.
My sister's a statistic anomaly. Figures.

An observation I made at the ER:
If three women in their twenties are standing at the reception desk, none of them looking very happy, but all of them calm and collected, and one of them claims to have poisoned herself - naming the exact drug and dosage she used - no one will really believe them.

After they've finally carted her off - to do blood tests which two hours later seemed to have convinced them that we weren't crazy - Julia and I were at loose ends.
What do you do after getting a friend to the ER for an very unspectacular suicide attempt?*

We decided to make ourself really hated - and called her parents. Grown up or not, we certainly couldn't take responsibility for her, she has a chronic medical condition and doesn't actually hate her parents. She just lies to them because they apparently can be a bit overbearing.

Telling some woman I've never met about her daughter's bright idea to swallow 30 tablets of paracetamol - after calculating that that's the right dose to do her liver in, I might add - and has been lying about the last few exams because, among other things, she had a few episodes of her stomach acting up and didn't want to worry them, is not something I ever want to do again.
But I shifted the more emotional part on Julia - who was also very much out of her depth.

So now F's parents and her brother are coming down tomorrow, F doesn't know about it - on the way to the ER she was thinking about when to call her brother so he could tell the parents - because the hospital didn't tell her yet, F's parents need Julia or me to help with some uni paperwork while F's in hospital, tomorrow F will find out and be pissed off and I still can't bring myself to let Julia bear the brunt of it by not being there tomorrow with the excuse of my exam on Tuesday.
*deep breath*
Oh and F claims it wasn't a really suicide attempt. Right. That would be why she didn't tell her mother, who had called maybe 10 minutes before Julia, about the pills she took. And why she suddenly developed a habit of cutting.

So, how was your day?
Personally, I'm just waiting for the last soap opera storyline to manifest and someone to tell me about being pregnant (maybe from their boyfriend's supervisor, the formerly male major) .

* Cue my rant on stupid people that had access to morphium and other nice drugs for the last few months, but are trying to kill themselves with NSAIDs afterwards.
What? It's only common sense.

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