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Back in Leipzig. Two hours of only radio coverage of the elections made me long for pie charts.

Dear politicians: Ruling out every possible coalition about five seconds after the first prognoses isn't a very smart move.

Dear people I offered a ride from Frankfurt to Leipzig: You might not like the FDP, but until you're giving me concrete examples, don't say "The FDP's political idea is pretty similar to the NSDAP's." For one, see the S in NSDAP? That for socialist. That's about as far as you can get from liberalism.
I don't mind bashing the idiots, but please lets bash them for the right things, ok?

Dear self: Just get used to people never ever guessing/believing your (very vague and very not connected to a party) political opinion.

*heads for the statistics*

ETA: The (still suspect) voting machines have one huge advantage: Quickly available statistics for my home town.
*loves basic statistics* (kriski, don't laugh :p [and good luck tomorrow!])*

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