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Ridicully - verbal voyeur extraordinaire

Hopefully I will remember this as the shortest time I had ever held a job.

Second day of work and I claimed to be going crazy at the job to have an excuse to quit. I don't think I actually am crazy, but it is certainly one of the most stupid things I've ever done.
Though taking a job in a call center competes for that title.

Because one of things that define me as a person is that I really, really hate to disturb other people.

Not so much in the 'talking in the cinema' sense but in a more general 'is my existence an incovenience for you?' sense. (Strangely enough, I also have enough self-confidence for three people.)
Mainly because of that, I hate to phone people. I'm fine when they call me, but if I have to call a person I've been friends with for ten years, I still have trouble doing it before 2 and after 6 p.m.

So, a job where I have to do outgoing calls? (Even if it's only to actual clients, that not only have agreed to be called, but in some cases also *expect* it.)
Very bright idea.

I did a short four hour shift yesterday, and realized that I simply can not do it. Not literally, I think I managed 30 actual contacts per hour, but ... mentally (*spits and washes out mouth* ewww, dirty word. But I can't think of a better one). This is especially silly when I consider all the things I've done before. I've got no problem cleaning up shit or biking through the rain; doing nothing but listening to beeping noises or calling out the numbers of fast moving cars doesn't really faze me; I don't have too much trouble with having to get up twice every night for weeks or doing data entry at six in the morning but making phone calls? Please no!

Since I took the job mainly because I don't feel comfortable without at least enough money in my savings account to let me live for two months (shut up, I know I'm strange), I decided that feeling a bit more comfortable about my finances wasn't worth hating every second of the job and spending the rest of the day resenting the fact that I would have to go back.

Only problem is, that I'll now have to pay them back for the training*. So I this bright idea actually cost me money.
I guess I'll chalk that one up to life experience.

*Which was an experience in itself, since the trainer was one of the only two people I've ever met, that I just could not get along with. But also couldn't ignore.

And now, back to procrastinating studying.

Tags: daily life, job, navel-gazing, stupidity
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