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Still alive. And boring.

I passed the exam last week and have spent the time since relaxing, watching movies and TV series, reading and catching up with my flist.
Well, most of the time. I also went to all the FSR meetings this week.

Since it's the time to elect a new Dean, there were quite a few meetings. Especially since the proposed Studiendekan was Prof O., the guy the FSR clashed with two years ago. We were asking for a meeting to address our concerns before the election, they were insisting on holding it this week. He did get less votes than he thought, refused the post and now the search for a new candidate is on.

How I love uni-politics. That's the reason I'm going to the meetings even though I'm not an elected representative this year. I'm curious and want all the new gossip.

Otherwise I've got nothing to do until the middle of November, when the last round of exams starts. And that was exactly the reason I had been looking for a job.
There are enough things that I have to do, but none of them really pressing, now that I've got everything ready to register for the exams.

  • Write lots of emails
  • Help my sister to prepare for two additional AP exams, to the five she's already doing at school. Whoever decided that since she's going to an international school she has to take English and since her native language is German the German exam doesn't count needs to be shot.
    My French was never very good and though I love maths, calculus was more than five years ago.
    Sounds like fun, no?
  • Continue voluntary work because I need that kick.
  • Work on websites
  • Type up every piece of paper with information for the exams that the profs handed out - because sending it as an email would save me some work and they can't do that - before my fellow students start to ask when they're getting the information.
  • Get a haircut
  • Start searching for presents. Birthdays and Holidays are coming up.
  • Clean flat and do laundry. Blergh

I also have to start looking for something to do once I'm a certified vet (OMG! I'll be a grown-up. Do I have to?).
I hate looking for jobs. Is it really necessary to make plans for my future? (Sadly, yes it is. I need to know what I'm going to do with my life.)

So, with much to do, but nothing that needs to be done right now. I'll probably continue as usual. Reading porn fanfic and wasting time. Sounds lovely.

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