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Random stuff

Sometime I really am a dork.
I've called the usergroup who's passed the identity check and is allowed to see everything on the board "weighted and found worthy" without really thinking about the fact that everyone I've put into that group would get an email telling them about it.
I think I'm going to find out how many of my classmates know their Egyptian mythology.

After helping Julia with translating her CV, reorganizing mine is now on my to-do list.
Can life get any more exciting?

Got my postcard from isiscolo's Potterverse Postcardathon.

(One of those days I'm going to find out why I have to install my scanner every time I connect it.)

And what the hell happened to LJ's layer-editor? I just can't find anything in a window of 5 cm width. I shall have a look at it with Firefox later. (Later is a nice word, it can mean in about 6 month if necessary.)

And my hair's red again. After everyone who has asked me in the last years had a chance to judge the utter boringness of my natural hair colour for themselves, it now matches the icon again.

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