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Time for an update I think (if only so my stalker doesn't have to ask for one any more)

First of all, thanks so much for all the birthday wishes. They made my day - even if it took me a week to get these thanks out.

Since my family decided for some reason to send me presents this year (and ignore my "I don't need anything" attitude) I don't need to drool over The Art of Discworld in every bookstore I enter any more. I'm also in possession of The Wee Free Men on CD, a shirt telling the world that I hurt people who mock me, and - for reasons only known to my mother - a brush.
Add to that a black turtle-neck shirt and socks and you can see that my family knows me very well.

And after all that I got, even more presents from my friends. I think there's something wrong with the world.

Apart from being amazed at how nice people are, I spent a lot of time at kriski's, waiting for her kitchen to arrive, read all the Sandman comics, caught up with House and Numb3rs, continued on the usual busywork and even tentatively started on the milk hygiene readings. This involved searching the EUR-Lex for stuff like Council Regulation (EC) No 2597/97 of 18 December 1997 laying down additional rules on the common organization of the market in milk and milk products for drinking milk, which includes important information like "2. For the purposes of this Regulation: (a) 'milk` shall mean the produce of the milking of one or more cows;".

Do I really have to take these exams?

And that's more or less all I'm doing right now. Boring doesn't even begin to describe it. But I spice it up with occasionally angsting about my future (cue wails of "I don't want to be a grown-up")

So, business as usual, all in all. (I sound really enthusiastic, don't I? I also have taken a liking to Despair. If I start going all emo, shoot me please.)

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