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Random update

Actually, I do have things to say.

For example that I've seen about four minutes of new Dr Who. And now want my DVDs to arrive and new episodes right *now*

Or that I realized that my exams start next week and maybe I should start studying.
(How exams manage to sneak up on me like that, I'll never know.)

Or that I hate the German voices for the HP movies so very, very much.
(I also hat the cinemas in Leipzig that don't show the undubbed version at all in the first week. What's the use of getting a movie a day before everyone else if you can't really enjoy it?)

Or that looking for a place/topic for a dissertation isn't good for my blood-pressure at all. But not knowing what I'm going to do in 6 months isn't good for it either.

And something completely random as a finishing touch:
Exactly how crazy does donating plasma once a week, because I like watching my blood in tubes and filters so much, make me?

Tags: daily life, dr who, fandom, hp
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