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A different kind of TMI

I have to go to a meeting in Gießen on Friday and decided to drive down the day before, so I can visit my family (and park the dog with them for the next week).
As always when my car is empty except for Kuno and me, I put up an add at the Mitfahrzentrale, searching for people who are interested in a cheap ride from Leipzig to Frankfurt.

Since it's a popular route, I tend to find passengers easily. Most emails are just the regular "Hi there, still got room for x people?" but some weird me out.
The latest one for example: "I'm happy to have found a female driver, ... a bit about me ... good thing to know we women plan in advance what to wear..." look, I understand you're one of the women who'd rather not get into a car with a man they don't know. That's fine. I get a lot of those since the profiles show the gender of the driver. But why do you have to tell me all that?
I'm nice and polite to all my passengers, in email as well as in person. I'm happy if I have more than one passenger and they seem to get along and have fun during the drive.
But do I have to care for you and your motivations beyond the fact that I get you safely from Leipzig to Frankfurt and you give me 15 €? We don't have to spend the rest of our lives together, I'm quite happy with a terse "I'll be there at that time. What kind of car should I look for?"

But maybe I'm just especially irritable after all the oh-so-very-interesting texts about food-hygiene concerning fish, shellfish and - because I somehow missed them yesterday - fats.

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