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Mergh (Clear and distinct subject lines, how I love thee)

While failing one exam because of laziness is stupid but acceptable, failing two is not. What's worse is, that it's not all laziness. My brain apparently has decided that holding information I know is there hostage would be a good idea.
Meaning my usual way of studying - reading the stuff a few times and relying on my brain to spit out the relevant information when needed - doesn't seem to work at the moment.
Hence the mergh.

This means I'll have to get some structure in my studying habits. Which is bad, because I try to keep the anal, ocd part of my brain that just loves plans and lists and order, on a very short leash. Giving it more control over my life isn't something I'm looking forward to.
Oh well, it's only until February at the most.

In other news, there are flags lining Leipzig's streets. I can only guess that it's somehow related to the FIFA World Coup next year. I know no other reason for Saudi-Arabia's flag to be hanging in front of my house and Togo's just across the street (and now I'm in love with the flag finder).

And some cryptic grumbling that should be ignored by everyone:
The fact that huge parts of the site have just been language-striped proves that the world likes to taunt me.

Now, the law for animal welfare, trying not to burn cookies (me + kitchen = disaster), getting uni to confirm my involvement in the FSR,... these things are better planned out on paper, so off I go.

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