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Going-ons on the street

They've just started the music to keep the masses they want to form the "world largest national team" (in celebration of the final draw for the FIFA World Cup) entertained.

It's even louder than the Stones' concert last year. But then, a set of boxes is standing more or less right in front of house this time.

And now they're talking. Can I have the music back please?

That's better. Not by much, but I'll take what I can get.

ETA:Turning down the basses a bit would be nice.
And I could definitely do without the T-Com sound at this volume.

Another edit: At least my car is safe behind the ... portaloos/portapottys (? That's what google tells me. Though I liked "turdis" as well) they've put up.

Tags: daily life, whinewhinewhine
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