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Ah, a rant about exams, didn't have one of those for a while. Woe is me and all that.

Words cannot describe how pissed off I am right now.

I really don't mind failing exams all that much. I can accept bad grades if they are justified.
All of course, because I know that it's my own fault for not studying enough or simply having bad luck when drawing the questions.

It annoys me to know that I answered the questions really well, not just by luck, but because I really *know* the stuff, and still not getting a good grade for some reason (mutual hate between the examiner and me; my seemingly confuse behaviour convincing the examiner that I might have answered the questions, but don't actually know what I'm talking about). It's unfair, but that's just life.

What pisses me of beyond measure, is getting grades that don't seem to be justified, and having someone else, whose answers were definitely worse - even by their own judgement - getting the same grade without any explanation.
Yeah, I could just say "That's life" in this case as well, but for some reason this is one of the things that triggers my temper.

Have I mentioned how much I hate oral exams this month yet?

Yes, I passed the exam. No it's not a really bad grade.
I'm still going to practice some kicks and hits for a while to calm down.

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