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I don't mind real winter. But this impostor has to go. It's not even cold. That's just wrong.

The fact that is stays dark the whole day and that leaving the house for five minutes leaves one drenched, has apparently convinced my subconscious that hibernation would be a good idea.
I don't think I've ever slept so much.

I should be studying again, but the next exam is not until the next year. And if I have to look at one more law this week I might start gnawing the table. Whoever came up with the idea of giving the exams on medicine and pharmacology &co (a.k.a. the reason 90% of the students started this course, a.k.a. hard but interesting) first and after they're finished, pull out the legalese stuff (a.k.a food hygiene and prevention of epidemics &co) - which is necessary, but boring as hell - needs to have their head examined.

Since I originally planned to stay here until Saturday, so I could buy presents and start on the studying, but don't have any desire to spend more time in the rain than absolutely necessary and refuse to even look at any more laws, I'm doing nothing but lazing around. Considering I promised to paint the ceiling of the living room as soon as I arrive at my parents' and the usual chaos that is my family, I'm just going to call it pre-emptive relaxation and continue to do so.

Maybe I'll pursue my new, quixotic goal for a bit. Kick Australia out of the top five in the Schools Directory. (What? It's just 800 schools! I can dream, can't I?)

How I manage to babble while typing is beyond me, but I do. Time to stop.

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