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What day is it? Still 2005 at least?

That's what I hate about Christmas - getting back to a normal routine afterward takes ages. The need to laze around and relax after three days of presents and food normally puzzles me, but this year I'm willing to blame Boxing Day. Not so much the fact that there were about 20 people in the room the whole day, but that I had to endure my sister driving the car on the way back.

The only thing I've been doing the last few days that could be called useful was ripping and burning DVDs. And trying to convince the dog that if walking on the street is nearly impossible, biking is out of the question.

I'm even to lazy to write a coherent entry. This is the fourth try over the last three days I think. And it's still more blah than anything. But at least I'm not babbling about The Christmas Invasion (Didn't he say three consecutive terms? How *do* you produce a sword fight that bad?) or moaning about having to send out applications (I'm not really contemplating a clinical dissertation, right?) so I'm just going to press update anyway.

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