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Back in Leipzig. Not much to say. Fingers frozen. Brain probably as well.

Arriving back here after Christmas is nice. Things in the letterbox that aren't bills.
Thank you fluffyllama (glitter! chocolate money!) and here_be_dragons (Fimo!) for your wonderful cards.

At the moment I'm nibbling leftover cookies and peanuts, drinking my coffee black (time until I can go shopping: 2 hours) and waiting for the temperature to finally reach 20°C.
Turning off the heating when I'm gone for two weeks might be sensible, but even the dog was giving me dirty looks when we stepped into a 13°C room. (Yes, I love my thermometer. And, at the moment, also speaking in parenthesiseseses)

Now, back to studying and applying for Things To Do After The Exams, excluding, it might interest a subset of my flist to hear, the job which would result in me spending most of the next two years fisting bulls.

Ehh, yes. kriski? I'll call you when I can at least pretend to be sane.

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