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Musings on German post-war history and the current curriculum at schools

I've just been reminded that Wednesday was June the 17th

Is it a sign of how little weight was put on the history after 1949 at my school that this date means nothing to me (If I think real hard I may remember something about an upheaval of some sort)?
I'm quite proud of myself if I can remember when the Berlin wall was built and after this my knowledge of the goings-on in eastern Germany is even smaller than what happened in the western part.
It's part of this strange period of time, no one is sure of where to teach it. History teachers are happy if they actually manage to mention the foundation of both Germanys and can summarize the events of the years since in 5-10 sentences.
Those teachers who teach political education are too busy to mention more than the most recent events. One class at my school did do two weeks on the life and events in the GDR and had to cut short on different voting systems and the process of passing a law to achieve it.

Now I'm living in Leipzig.
I took the war on Iraq and the ensuing demonstrations for me to learn that Leipzig played a big part in the process of the reunification.

I always liked history, one of my abitur-exams was history, if I try I can recall the major events of the last centuries or even of the roman empire. But I know nearly nothing about the recent history of a city I've lived in for three years.
I know that none of my friends are troubled by not knowing those things - and for those born in the GDR the problem is reverse - but I can't help feeling as if I should have some knowledge about the important political events in this part of the country.

I guess that counts as thinking to much about things again.

[Edited to add: Yes, if today is thursday, the day before yesterday was wednesday.
Me not only knows nothing about music but nothing about maths too.]

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