Ridicully - verbal voyeur extraordinaire (ridicully) wrote,
Ridicully - verbal voyeur extraordinaire

Keeping my nose above the water (Yes, nose. The whole head is asking too much right now)

After I survived today's Horrible Exam of Doom and Misery (no, really, that's the official name), the rest of the finals don't look so daunting any more.
I won't even complain about the grade because among other things I blanked completely on how to prescribe less than a whole package of drugs this morning and that's such a stupid mistake, I probably wouldn't have let myself pass. I also once again proved that expecting me to use fine motor skills isn't a good idea. Just weighting the globules for one of the idiotic homoeopathic preparations can result in a disaster area when I'm nervous.

That, and the fact that I fell asleep as soon as I'd finished all the "Yes, I survived the exam" calls and only woke up because the dog was hungry right now tells a lot about how exhausted I still am for no real reason at all.
But if I've ignored and neglected you for the last few weeks, I might be slightly better now. How's that for a positive thought?

Future-wise I sent off only one application in the last two weeks, and I doubt I'll get the thing despite my great argument of "You can't pay, I'm willing to work for free.", but at least it means my CV is up to date now.

The weather is really crazy. Even though it's no longer -17°C, -10°C and wind isn't all that much better. Especially not when biking with the dog.</obligatory complaint about the weather>

And to close this amazingly erratic entry: Good luck for your interview tomorrow, kriski.

Tags: daily life, exams
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