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Ooops. I have no idea where this babbling came from. Randomness ahead.

I've been antsy for the last few days. Not really surprising, since I've done no real exercise in the last year. I've been biking, running, swimming and hitting&kicking the air when I felt like it, but nothing like regular training.
I see this as one of the reasons I'm so exhausted lately (it might not sound logic, but believe me, it does make sense).
This morning I woke up with an urge to do gymnastics. This is definitely silly.

I was never good at gymnastics - apart from being built like a tank, I have all the grace of a rhino, which is not at all conductive to presenting an exercise - but I've always had fun. (I practiced once a week for nearly 18 years, starting when I was 2 1/2). I wasn't too bad at learning all the skills we could safely do in our gym (which were really just the basics). Mainly because I refused to let myself be afraid of anything even after I'd hurt myself (I've always been stubborn).
I cannot make it look good.
And right now I still want to do cartwheels and rolls on the balance beam, flip over the vault, do some shoulder-stands/rolls on the parallel bars (What? So it's only used in men's competition, why should I care?), rotate around the uneven bars and even just look silly on the floor (not that I don't look silly doing the other stuff too, but on the floor, it's always been the worst).[And yes, I put this paragraph here, so I had a reason to look up all those terms in English. I'm procrastinating what else am I supposed to do?]

This is bad, because there is no way to do this stuff anywhere but in a properly equipped gym. And I doubt I can find one that will just let me use the stuff for a few hours for fun.

I take this as a sign that I need to start training regularly again. No matter what, just regular exercise. Until I know if I'll be staying here after the exams, it's probably of no use to find a taekwon-do class again, but I should manage some hyong (or something like it) at least twice a week.
And when I'm next visiting my parents, I'm going to check in on C. during one of the trampoline courses and ask if I can use the floor while they are busy. Should be a good test if I'm finally over that ridiculous crush as well.

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