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Self improvement through lists, 432957354th try.

As an attempt to sort out my life, a list of things I need to do in the next two months.

  • Pass exams
  • Find subject, place and prof for dissertation
  • Find new flat
  • Vacate this flat on 30.03. at the latest.

Of course a simple list is nothing without rambling explanations, so here they are:

  1. Pass exams. - Well, duh! But I need to tell myself to think about the first things first ever so often.
  2. Find subject, place and prof for dissertation - I'm probably going to do more than one entry on just this point. For now, I'll just say that while this is mostly for my ego at the moment (which is the objection my mind every now and then likes to raise), the places I'd actually like to work at at some point in the future do want people with letters in front of the name.
  3. Find new flat - Depends on point 2. No use moving in Leipzig if I end up in Berlin or Bern. I have no real preference where I want to go except for the fact that I'd like to be able to pay the rent. This means no Munich and probably neither Bern or Zürich.
  4. Vacate this flat on 30.03. at the latest. - Not up for debate. If I haven't found anything until then, it's back to my parents' until I've found something. I'd like to avoid that. I like living on my own and I'd rather live in a new city again. Though it would give me the chance to finally make the attic inhabitable - or at least put the insulation in place (note to self: another entry waiting to be made).

Some more random things:

  • Look, it took me only two months to achieve my quixotic goal du jour:

    (Not cut, because it's smaller than some icons and I want to gloat.) Take that, Josh ;p
  • It's amazing how much calmer I feel, just having thought the next few months through. If there's one thing I can't deal with, it's having no direction at all. Even vague "If all fails, do this"-plans are fine, I just need something to work with.
  • Just because it makes me laugh: Bad romance novel covers.
  • If you don't believe in only positive traits or just deny I have any: nohari.
  • Additional things I need to do: Organize my bookmarks, organize my tags, tag this journal, organize my photos, clean my wardrobe of clothes I never wear, stop writing lists and get something done.

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