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Death to carcasses!

Meat hygiene - check.
Good to know I'm really just lazy, not completely stupid.

And dear Prof L., when you arrive at 9 for the practical part of the exam and tell us you've 'got some important things to do, would we mind doing the theoretical part in the afternoon instead of directly after the practical?' what are we supposed to say? "Yes, actually, I do mind."? When our grades depend as much on your good mood as on what we know? Even I (not exactly known to keep quiet when it would be prudent to do so) would think twice about that.
I know, polite fiction and all that, but I need to vent. I hate exams in the afternoon and waiting more than four hours after I've finished poking my 'might be diamond skin disease, might be a mycosis' pig (of course I ripped my glove once. I always do when there's a chance of getting some interesting infection out of it. Nothing ever happens, but that doesn't stop me itching for the next few days) is nearly as bad.

At least I seem to have convinced myself that, after knowing them for over five years, I can call my friends without making an appointment beforehand and ask if they've got some time to stop me from obsessing. Bagels for breakfast and then the the bookshop did a good job at stopping my mind from running in circles.
Of course now I have another book I want to read but don't have the time for. My life is full of hardship.

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