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It's just snow. I promise it doesn't bite.

One thing that really fuels my misanthropic side is a drive down to my parents.

Theoretically that's a 3:30-4 hours drive. Today it took me nearly 10 hours. I'm ready to kill someone.

Ok, so the first blocked motorway was a freak accident. It took only a 1.5 hours anyway.

And the fact that it snowed more today than on any other day in the last 25 years in this area is impressive and all. But that doesn't mean people have to drive at walking speed on the fast lane of the motorway.

People shouldn't be allowed to drive.
Especially those that do not know how wide their car is and insisting on blocking the left lane in construction sites because of it.
Or those that can't start up again once there's a bit of ice. In most cases (e.g. on the motorway or in front of a traffic light) you can deal with it by playing a bit with the clutch. If you can't, at least block the road in front of someone else.
If you insist on going at a snails pace just because there is snow you'd better stay home as well.
The same goes for ice. As long as you just go in a straight line, driving faster than 5 km/h won't kill you. You just have to plan for a much larger distance if you want to break.
Incidentally, that grinding noise? It's the ABS. It's a good thing. Even though it increases the braking distance. It doesn't mean you should step of the break once you hear it.
If you're driving a huge BMW X5, why aren't you driving in the snow, flattening it and clearing the way for those who come after you? That would be an actual justification for driving that thing. Look, I'm doing it for fun and my car isn't especially suited to it.

Yes, driving is serious business.
I can hardly feel my left leg after today and am tired, what else could it be right now but serious business?

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