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Can someone slow down the world for a bit?

After two days of trips to Berlin and the drive from hell yesterday, I have today to get caught up with my life again.

Wednesday in Berlin consisted of a five minute talk with the research group leader, one post doc student and the person who would supervise my diss. Afterward a tour of the institute. I could start there at the end of the month.
I can't help but feel that this would be a timesink. Not only is it a very broad subject, but apparently most of the people who start at the institute stay there for a long time. Which isn't something I'd like very much, even if the subject was something that I have an actual interest in. Regulators of colis are nice and important, but nothing I really want to do for the unforeseeable future.
Additionally it also all seemed very chaotic and no one knew what to do with me.
I'll think about it a bit more, but I suspect I'll tell them I won't start at the end of the month.

Thursday's meeting started more or less with him telling me that they don't actually have any jobs right now, but they could keep me on the list if I was interested. Thanks so much for having me drive up to Berlin for telling me that. But the subject - angiogenesis - is really interesting and while realistically I don't think they will have any positions in the near future, one can hope.

I have a number of emails to write, schools, translation & co. need some love as well and after Thursday ended with defect turnouts and delayed trains and most of yesterday was spend in the car, my flist is at about skip=350 right now.
I have to do laundry, make the room I'm staying here inhabitable again and start clearing enough space so I can store my furniture, should I not find a new place to stay, ideally with a job attached, before the end of the month.
I guess the family will have some things to do for me too, I'd like to meet with some friends I haven't seen for a year or two and I also shouldn't forget my absolutely last exam on the 20th (Ridiculous date. Why so late?).

It's not that I don't like having much to do, I just like it much more without the 'WTF am I going to do once this month is over?' angle.

And yet I'm strangely happy. I blame the snow.

Edit: What did I say about my family having some tasks for me? "Let's get up on the roof and solder a piece of lead over that leaky spot." Joy.

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