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My dark secret

Confession time:

I don't know a thing about music.

I never know the titles or performers of any songs I listen to.
I don't often listen to music and can't stand it in the background while doing something else - (TV strangely enough doesn't have this effect).
I have no idea of the different styles. I'm able to do the musical equivalent of going into a synagogue and asking why there aren't any of those nice crosses on the walls.
I have no special musical taste, I will listen to nearly anything while driving the car.
The mix on my hard drive includes Ray Charles, Nancy Sinatra, Bon Jovi, Smash Mouth, Simon and Garfunkle, Halfcocked, Beethoven and songs from the Buffy-musical. I can't even tell if this combination is normal or not
I'm always the one sitting there going Who? What? at games that involve guessing musical trivia.

Of course I am the one living not 500m away from the Festwiese where the big concerts take place.
At the moment they are adjusting the sound system for the next one tomorrow.

When there were 70,000 people for Grönemayer, how many will there be for AC/DC and the Stones? And more important, if it starts around 8pm how long will it go on?

I guess I have to ask some of those who asked if they could stay on my balcony if they didn't get tickets and just ignore their scandalized looks.

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