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I'm still alive. And, right now, even caught up with my flist.

What did I do the last weeks? Since the Querstrich-Meetup - which is best explained by the icon for those who speak German and by the words 'amazingly silly, astonishingly deep, unexpectedly little talk about buttsex' for everyone else - and my exam, I've been on the way to or from Berlin most of the days.
Finding a flat was fun. For a value of fun that is usually associated for visits at the dentist.

Moving was even more fun, and shall be detailed in pictures:

This is a busy street.

This is the entry to some backyards on that busy street.

These two are a look at the doorways from the first and second backyard. Both are a bit over 2.30 m wide, not counting the metal thingies in the bottom corners.

This is a Mercedes Sprinter 313. It is 6.73 meters long and 1.93 meters wide. Getting it in the second backyard was fun. Turning it around even more so. Because this triangle:

is not placed exactly in the middle of the backyard and thus made it impossible to get the car on the right side of it.
So we had to carry all that stuff:

(and more) not only up to the top floor of the house:

but also along that superfluous third leg of the triangle.
But hey, we managed somehow. Even though we were pretty dead afterward:

Did I mention that I'm the only one of those four whose drivers license allows me to drive that 7m monster of a car? And that neither pedestrians, nor drivers seem to understand the concept of such a long thing needing more room to turn around a corner? No, it's not because I can't drive a car. No, really.
As I said. Even more fun.

The last two days I've cleaned this flat, painted parts of it (if I had my contract I would know if I'm required to do that. But the contract is in a folder in a box in the new flat) put most of the rest of my stuff in my car (I love my car. It's not much to look at, but it's about as long as a VW Golf and at the moment there are my summer tires, my bike, a mini-freezer, a grill, a huge lamp, about 30 different bags and some other stuff in it) and caught up on my flist (addiction is fun!).

And now, I shall leave for Berlin. If you need or want my new address, follow the link on the profile.
I probably won't have internet or phone at the flat until the end of April. Anyone in Germany who knows what the colour pink stands for has three guesses what company is causing that delay and the first two don't count.
But since there's an internet cafe about 100m up the road, the next wireless hotspot isn't much further away and I think I'll probably also be allowed to use the lab computers. I guess I'll survive. Somehow. (Though Dr. Who starts again at the 15th. Oh world, why are you so cruel?)

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