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Things on my mind right now

a.k.a. "If I don't write them down, I'll never update again because of thought-congestion".

  • My brain is doing weird things. This morning I woke up before my alarm (which I often do), got up, dressed, woke the dog (this should have tipped me off), took my bike and went for our morning tour.

    At some point I realized that it wasn't as light as it has been the last few days (I nearly don't need my lights at 5:15 am any more). Everything seemed a bit different. Different people, different shops open (Döner instead of coffee-and-newspaper selling places). Weird.
    So I look at my watch and it says 1:30. I can't believe it and stop below the next street-light to check the clock on my speedometer. Same time. Same thing at the next bus-stop.

    All I have to say is, WTF, brain? Waking up five minutes before the alarm is fine. Waking up one or two hours too early, realize it and go back to sleep is ok. Waking up at random times in the night, being convinced it's 4:50 and going through the routine? What kind of crack have you been smoking? And how does a brain smoke without the body noticing?

  • Apropos dog (I know I mentioned him somewhere up there), the contract for this flat explicitly states 'No pets'. This is giving me an ulcer.
    In my defence, I told that I had a big dog, old, but big, at every flat we looked at. Even this one. And was told it shouldn't be a problem. We mentioned it again when we phoned to ask something. And when we looked at it a second time.
    And then we arrived to sign the contract and there was the 'No pets' clause. I was livid. But I also needed to start working less than a week later and had no place to stay, so what else could we do but sign.
    I still mentioned the dog, but they said that as long as the neighbours don't complain it should be no problem. Of course we had my flatmate's dog with us on that day. Sunny is about the size of a rabbit.
    Kuno is a bit harder to hide.

    But nobody said anything in the last two weeks, which were the first Kuno was staying here. There may be hope for my stomach yet.
  • Living with a flatmate is weird. I've known even before Julia had the idea of looking for a flat together, that sharing a flat isn't something I particularly like.
    I like to live alone. Having friends living nearby is nice, but I like to have my own space more. I barely tolerate my family when I'm visiting.

    Considering that, this arrangement works amazingly well. None of us has killed the other yet. If things continue as smoothly once both of us are working, I'll be happy.

  • I gave up a cushy lab job for the uncertain, probation dependent job of a work-slave. Which is completely mad on the one hand, the dream of my life on the other hand.

    The place I needed to start working at the beginning of April was at a microbiology lab. I already suspected the thing to be a time sink but after two weeks there I'm sure of it.
    Apart from that, I do like structure. At least a bit of it. Forgetting that you've told someone to work there for four weeks is one thing. Not finding anything for them to do most of the day is another. Not having any relevant reading material available is something else. Yes, I know it's all very new and you're the only one doing this kind of research. But there has to be something with some relevance to your research. I'd have read anything gene specifications on the coli strains you're using. Notes on things you did. Even data on the chicken your colis are coming from. *Anything*.
    For the first two or three days, getting a refresher course in PCR, electrophoresis and blotting is nice. But in all those things, the technique itself isn't all that complicated. The idea behind the PCR is brilliant. Doing a PCR without any background information or aim is just mixing small amounts of liquids.
    You told me yourself, that the techniques for the dissertation were relatively simple the planning and developing a scheme would be the challenging part. Well, guess what. I'd have loved to think instead of just do. But some basic information is necessary for that.
    Mentioning a number of times that maybe next week there'd be a small project for me is nice. You'd being actually there next week would be nice too. Asking your colleagues before telling me, 'Oh, you're going to work with X then' would be even better. Mentioning that you'd be gone for half of April and the whole of May when I first asked for a date to start these four weeks of test work and hopefully the dissertation work afterwards would have been extraordinarily nice.
    </incoherent rant>

    The thing about the lab is, I'd have been able to work on my own schedule.
    What I'm planing to do now, work at a small animal clinic - three months probation and afterwards hopefully full time work and work on a clinical dissertation - is simply insane.
    Theoretically, work starts at 8 and lasts till 16:30 (at least when you're not yet doing late and night shifts). From experience I can say that it will be more 7 to 18+ and if I can sneak away for five minutes to wolf down a sandwich I'll be lucky.
    Yet I want nothing more than to do this. I'm more than mad.

    There is even a vague chance that I might get paid something at some point. Not much, I'd probably earn more working as a cashier, but the mere idea of being paid for work as a vet is thrilling.
    Of course I said, there is a chance so it probably won't work out that way, and first I'll have to survive the three months anyway. But for now, I'll daydream about this novel concept of being paid for work.

  • And I'm grumpy that, after the trouble I went to looking for a router including a print server with a parallel port, neither of the two printers in this flat will work with it. It would be nice to mention which printers you know wont work somewhere else but in an internal document, dlink. I was nearly going crazy because I couldn't figure out what was wrong.

We'll see if this brain dumping helped to clear my head and make it more easy to write an entry that does actually make sense.

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