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Time for some random blah again

This weekend it was time for the yearly Long Night of Sciences in Berlin. Which is just as much fun as the long night of museums.
Of course part of the evening was used for the time honored tradition of vets: Being a smart-arse at some of the displays of medical research institutes.
After all, they do it the other way round too and anyone who actually asks "Oh, so animals get hepatitis too?" can stand to be challenged occasionally.

The rest of the evening included chemistry - here the presenter would have been much more successful in convincing everyone that chemistry isn't just things that go boom, if he hadn't gleefully set things on fire and made them go boom later - and forensic psychiatry, which probably would have been more interesting if I hadn't been falling asleep on my feet by then.

Since we had been sightseeing by foot before the night started, Sunday was spent mostly asleep by my flatmate and F. (who was visiting) while I watched Doctor Who and honed my stalking skills.
You see, during on of the times all of us were awake, F mentioned that she has an LJ (mostly for getting her daily manga fix, but that's not the point) but didn't tell me her username. I hate this. How am I supposed to resist such temptation?

But I think I've found it, so all is well. And now I'm going to ignore it, because what's really important for LJ stalking is being able to find the LJ, not actually watching it afterward.

And finally: Grey's Anatomy is such good popcorn tv. I was screaming at the screen pretty much constantly for the last 20 minutes.

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