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Back in Berlin

Well, I'm actually back since Friday afternoon, but J. (easier to type than "my flatmate") had a friend visiting and I went along to visit a few museums.

Friday, after realizing that everything on the Museumsinsel closed at 17:00, we just walked around for a bit and then went to see Egypt's sunken treasures, which is really interesting, but the largest room is arranged in a confusing way and they rely a bit too much on the audio guides which are not included in the price of admission.

Saturday we went to the Pergamonmuseum, where the audio guides are included and the texts are pretty good too.
And it's huge. After I'd finished looking at the altar, I took one look at the Istahr gate and decided the middle east and islamic art museums have to wait until another time. My brain just couldn't deal with one more culture, let alone three or more.
Instead I had a superficial look at the antiquity collection (and examined some buttocks very closely while listening to the guide. I can only imagine how ridiculous that must have looked. But now I know a bit more about the Kanon of Polykleitos, so that hardship was worth it.)
During the following careful studies of some more perfect backsides, I realized I was starting to stand the exact same way these statues did. At that point I decided that this was enough antiques for the day. (I also decided that I need an annual ticket for the museums, because otherwise I'll be broke in no time and still won't have seen everything I want to look at.)
Finding the other two was as fun as looking for people in huge places always is.

After some food we decided to get to Schloss Sanssouci before closing time, but didn't manage this by ten minutes. (Why any of these places have to close at 17:00 is beyond me.)
Since the weather was bad, as it had been the whole day, we decided not to walk in the parks and instead go home and make J.'s friend cook us persian food.

And today we had a look at the Baroque in the Vatican exhibition.
Which was interesting even though it's neither my preferred era nor topic.

And now I'm trying to catch up on my flist, do all the other stuff that needs doing and not freak out over having to start work on Tuesday.
*And* I still haven't made an entry about my attic. I really need to put that on my list.

Tags: daily life, ohhh! museums!
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