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The last football entry for the next two to four years. I'm an opportunistic watcher after all.

I was right when I said that this city and this country would not have survived to win the cup. But a third place is nice. A good enough reason to celebrate, but not enough to go completely crazy.

The fan fest yesterday before the game was fun. People with shirts and flags of nearly every participant could be glimpsed among the masses of black-red-golden. Even some that didn't qualify, like the group that made capes out of the Scottish flag.
There were also bag-pipes, though I'm not 100% positive they were meant ot inspire people to dance. My Pratchett damaged brain tends to think of them as weapons of war, meant to sow discord, but whatever.
Changing the text of the song of the moment to "54, 74, 90, 2010" was a nice kind of happy optimism, and just shows that if Germans really *want* to celebrate, they can turn of national pessimism for a while - not for long, but for a while.

Due to the rain and the fact that I'd just dyed my hair, I could be seen with a flag for the first and only time in my life.

Once the game started some annoying groups arrived. I never quite got how people can only feel happy by putting others down, I can watch a game, cheer for one team and still acknowledge the good points of the other team after all. But I'm probably not a good example, since I couldn't care less about football and was more watching the fans than the match.
Still, I'm not someone who'd ever insist on silence during the anthems or anything like that (as could be observed by my retching noises during the German anthem as long as Kahn was shown), but even I think shouting "You can go home" during the anthem of the opponents is bad taste.

Since we started our way home after the first half, we missed all the goals, but the shouting told us just as well who'd scored.

Shortly before the station, J. was handed a leaflet that made us go O_o with it's content even before reading the fine-print.
"The way to happiness".
Sure it is a non-religious text and civil servants are allowed to hand it out as well.
I absolutely believe you. Especially since the author's L. Ron Hubbard.
I wonder what the Verfassungsschutz says to that.

So, WC is more or less over, just the final today, and all in all, it was much nicer that I'd have thought before.
I still don't like flags. But at least my stomach's not cramping up every time I see more than two at one place.
Neo-Nazis apparently were pissed off about the happy, harmless flag-wavers, that's always a good thing.
Nice games, happy people, perfect weather. I guess this can be marked down as good times.
Still, returning to a bit less excitement is also a good thing. Though I'm going to miss the longer opening hours of the shops.

Gods, I can talk for ages about a game I don't care about. Good thing there is nothing I care so much about that I'd get *really* wordy.
Now that all this is over, maybe I'll manage to post some picspam of the flat at some point. And talk about the first month at work.
But not now. Now I catch up on my flist and reactions to the finale of Doctor Who.
And maybe do some translation. Or work on schools. Or have a look at the board. So much to do. So little time.

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