Ridicully - verbal voyeur extraordinaire (ridicully) wrote,
Ridicully - verbal voyeur extraordinaire

Guess what? Complaining about the weather

Today has been scorching hot like the last few weeks. In addition it's very humid and thus generally icky.
I was willing to tolerate that for the lovely clouds taunting me with promises of thunderstorms and rain.
Those clouds seem to be disappearing now.
That's not right! I demand my clouds back!

To be honest, I actually *like* summer. I just like it much more when the air in my room is given a chance of cooling below 25°C over night. And as long as it's not this icky-sticky-GAH! kind of heat.
And this summer is just a bit much. Even the dog has made his peace with the ventilator and is lying down in the best spot to have as much air passing him as possible.

In other news that will not make much sense to most people, I'm addicted to Schools.
This is bad. I have other things that need my attention more than schools in Romania. Or even Greater London.

Otherwise I've been particularly unproductive. But it's just to hot for me to care.
I think I'll go into work tomorrow. That makes me even more of a pathetic work-addict, but if I only go in for half a day I still have half a day to do stuff and might even feel motivated to do so.

And now I believe there is a piece of watermelon in the fridge and maybe one more borough of London to check.

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