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It's international translation day

And I'm making this entry mostly to mark the start of it in my time zone.
As I've mentioned in passing every now and then, I'm involved in a volunteer based translation project (I life to be cryptic) and have decided to try to get the backlog that has been piling up since I started work down to a reasonable amount today.
Of course, the first thing I'm going to do after posting this is going to bed, but I wanted to make my intention public, so I'll feel pressured to actually start on it once I wake up.

Otherwise work is stressful, I'm still being a chicken about speaking to my secondary advisor (who is a very nice guy, so it's really just my hate of asking for things that's stopping me) if my proposed topic is acceptable right, I need to write an entry why my entries generally have a very aggressive feel to them right now and, to cover the mandatory babbling, this thread amuses me much more than it probably should.

I wonder if the other professions who also share the patron saint of St Jerome, have an official day on the 30th of September too. Maybe it's not only the day of translation, but of libraries, schools, Bible studies and archeology too? (I really need to close that wikipedia, before I start losing time while following links again.)

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