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As often as I use the word, you'd think I knew how to spell exhausted

Still alive but very busy - this describes my life since my last entry. Actually, it describes my life since June, but I try ignore that fact.

Today, Prof. Blub earned to be renamed in Prof. Obvious. Really, the only toilets at work that are blocked up by 'hygiene products' are the ladies? It even was the same way in Hanover and Munich? I can't imagine why.

But what should I expect from someone who still doesn't know my name and not only wrote the wrong name on one of the very strange cheques he occasionally distributes (Just don't ask. I don't either. I've been assured it's legal, but it still seems shady to me.) but also managed to get the wrong one put onto the website that only gets updated every six months.
But hey, it sort of looks like my name. If you squint. On a official website. I'll take what I can get. (For stalking purposes To remind myself of this event: A link to a link to the page)

Additionally, J. got herself a boyfriend. Which would be fine, except, sharing a flat with 1 3/4 persons when even sharing it with 1 person occasionally is a bit too much social interaction does not help with the chronic exhaustion from work.

And a random fact, just because:
The small animal hospital of the Free University Berlin uses 54000 paper towels a month.

Now: Schools, then Sleep. And once I wake up, a bit of catching up on the f-page and dermatology.
Can't you just feel the excitement?

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