Ridicully - verbal voyeur extraordinaire (ridicully) wrote,
Ridicully - verbal voyeur extraordinaire

Maybe I'll manage to post at least one entry a week this year? We can talk about content later.

My one week of freedom will be over soon. And amazingly I got a lot of stuff done in the 6 days I didn't have to go to the clinic and had the flat for myself.
I've come to realize that that second point is quite important. I just work much better if I can make my plans without taking into account other people.

As if to prove that, J. came back from her parents' yesterday, so huge parts of today were spent sorting out her messed up psyche which of course resulted in less work being done.
My whole family is pretty crazy, but if there's one thing they aren't it's cruel (unconsciously or otherwise). J.'s on the other hand are a lot more normal but they are also really fucked up.
Can I just say again at how much I suck at comforting people? Or helping with emotional problems? I try my best but I'm just no good with it.

Whatever. Tomorrow it's back to the grindstone again. Let's see how alive I feel after a few days of that.
At the moment, I'm seriously contemplating signing up for one of the sports courses again. The only thing stopping me are the times offered. I'm just not confident I could get to some gym every week at 18:00. I consider myself lucky to leave work at that time after all.

I also want to welcome trimethoprim to this journal. The reason this warrants special acknowledgement is that I strongly suspect it to be F. (at least I really hope so, otherwise I gave a sick and unsuspecting friend about five cds of zipped porn manga) which would make it the first person I've known for years in RL before they found my LJ
Considering I use this name pretty much everywhere and have sent lots of people the link to my other LJ, I think it's saying quite a lot about how unfamiliar the people I deal with in RL are in the noble art of e-stalking.

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