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It's so hard to convey the impact of the following:

I met up with fyrie for a chat (actually, it was mostly her talking an me mumbling, because apparently some cat's got my tongue lately). And afterward I left her backstage at Tanz der Vampire where she met up with her boything who's the understudy for Herbert.
And just five minutes later she texts me and says she's got a spare ticket for this evening.
And I get to see Tanz just like that. And I already liked the movie (shut up, I know it's bad, I liked it anyway) and now there are *songs* to go with the plot.

When you have to explain knowing people via the internet after the first sentence. So I'm just thought I'd mention it here to avoid that problem. [Edit: And of course to *thank* fyrie for getting to see it. (*hangs head in shame* I don't know these manners you speak of.) ]

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