Ridicully - verbal voyeur extraordinaire (ridicully) wrote,
Ridicully - verbal voyeur extraordinaire

Can I just kill them? Pretty please?

One of the more annoying TV stations in Germany decided some time ago that a docusoap about vets would be a great way to make the boring afternoon even more boring.
Apparently there are really people who want to see it.

(On a side note, this brings a lot of problems, because people don't seem to understand the concept of airing date ≠ recording date, so people come into the clinic all the time, asking how some dog or cat we treated four months ago is doing.)

Anyway. Docusoap. Miraculously popular. This means a camera team shows up with depressing regularity to film anyone who doesn't run away fast enough or doesn't say "No" loud enough. Normally, I don't fall into either of these categories. Additionally, I might be many things, but photogenic I am not. So, I've avoided them pretty well until now.
Or so I thought.
Until I got a text from an acquaintance telling me they were watching me on tv.

Kill me now, please.
(At least they said I wasn't doing something cute and fluffy. I was telling an owner I couldn't tell him how much the procedure on his cat would cost, because there were to many variables to consider [meaning, he was a private patient of Prof. Blub and prices for those depend on the mood of Prof Blub first and foremost.])
Next time I won't bother with telling them not to record anything. I'll just leave the room. (Or kick the camera guy in the shin so he drops the camera.)

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