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Ridicully - verbal voyeur extraordinaire

Wochenend und Sonnenschein

You know, there are days that start with a dead cat and end with a dead dog. There are also times when I've just spent the 15th day in a row in the clinic and have to look forward to another five before the next free day.
And all the bad feelings of these days are forgotten when the next free day is finally there. Even though the sunshine part of the song in the subject is still refusing to show.

Anyway, I'm not posting many entries these days. I think that's because there's not much to talk about in my life right now. I sleep (too little), I work (too much but never hard enough), I watch a select few TV shows (Heroes, House, SGA, Grey's Anatomy, Dr. Who) and download the rest to mainline them when I find the time (BSG, Numb3rs, Monk, ER...)

All this is of course the source of a lot of emo-pain. 'It's all too much, I've not enough time, I'll never get a grip on my life this way,...' the usual.
I know that I should theoretically put my life on hold until I've at least earned that doctorate.
But I can't. Reading my flist keeps me sane (It really does. No, *really*) as does watching silly shows and occasionally doing busywork.
And I *need* to be involved in some kind of physical activity that doesn't involve animals to stop me from hitting the ceiling.

The obvious solution is that I need to find a way to carve time out of nothing. Or maybe occasionally reminding myself that looking at the bright side really helps will be enough.

The following paragraph is a sort of random though-bit about work that has been floating through my head. I just wanted to write it down somewhere.

It still seems to occasionally hit all of us - us being the youngest batch of idiots trying for their doctorate at the clinic - that we actually are one of the last instances for referring vets in germany. There are only five university clinics in the country. Whenever a textbook says "at this point consider referring the patient to a specialist clinic" those five are what pops into people's minds. And there we are. None of us having more than five years of work experience. Most us not even two. Of course the older ones and Profs Blub and Bitch are there. But still. The decision if its awful or awe inspiring is a tough one.

That's enough of an entry for today. Now to tackle my flist and UAs schools afterwards.

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