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Originally I wanted to post an entry about the need for a bylaw of Godwin's that you automatically loose a discussion if you start it by "My grandfather was in a concentration camp." - it's amazingly effective for clearing a room of uninvolved persons as well, by the way - but now I just have to praise the fact that there are honest people on this world
As cliché as that statement sounds, it's true nonetheless. I've lost my wallet just two minutes from home. In the time it took me to notice, walk back looking at the ground and back home someone found it, found my mother's note about me using her car with a phone number on it, called the number and notified my father that they've found the wallet. As soon as I walked into the door, my father rang and asked if I knew where my wallet was.
I'd been freaking out about the idea of having to get a new ID and drivers license (I don't care about the money, and the credit and debit cards would have been easy to freeze). Now I only have to contemplate what to get these nice people as reward/thank you gift.

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