Ridicully - verbal voyeur extraordinaire (ridicully) wrote,
Ridicully - verbal voyeur extraordinaire

As if three traffic jams wouldn't have been enough...

Hi, my name is Alex and the world likes to throw stuff at me.
At least it seemed that way when half an exhaust system (a pretty large silencer at least) came tumbling my way while I was doing 130 km/h. I *did* avoid some other large piece of metal, but though it was pretty visible (sparks will do that to a piece of metal on the road) I couldn't avoid that second one. And it was large enough that my car did not just pass over it. Oh no, it got stuck below my car, just to the side of one wheel. And made a lot of noise. And sparks. I think those were the reason it only took me about a kilometer to get from the left lane to the shoulder (over two other other lanes, one of them populated by a number of lorries).

And then I was standing there, with a large piece of metal stuck under my car that didn't want to come out. In the dark. Just my idea of fun.
But hey, I pride myself on being a sensible person, so sensible I was.
Warning triangle put up, car jack attached (and getting it out from below my dog in the boot with the lorries passing was certainly hell on my nerves even if Kuno generally doesn't jump out of the car without being told to do so), car cranked up further and further until the silencer was no longer wedged in there (with lots of swearing because of the cheap jack that came with the car), car put down again.
See me being sensible. See also the police arriving just as I finished with the whole act (I didn't call for them, they were just looking for the silencer).

At least the police not only helped me have a closer look on the liquid that had dropped from somewhere into the wheel - they agreed that it was neither hydraulic oil nor petrol, which was good, because while I was pretty sure it wasn't I quite like a second opinion where the possibilities of non working breaks or explosions are concerned - but also took me to meet the guy who caused the problem so I could get his insurance details and stuff.

What makes me really grumpy is that while I don't have to pay for the repairs, I still have to wait until all the parts can be ordered and varnished the right colour. And this will take until Wednesday at least. But I have to drive back to Berlin on Tuesday, which means renting a car and all the fun that comes with it.
Looking at the bright side, I'm older than any age limits these firms like to set up.

Still, I feel like I've had enough excitement for a while now.

Tags: grumblemumble, murphy's law, rl
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