Ridicully - verbal voyeur extraordinaire (ridicully) wrote,
Ridicully - verbal voyeur extraordinaire

I need to set my phone to display the clinic's number as "Don't even think of answering!"

This is the first weekend I have two consecutive days off since ... I don't know, the fist weekend in March? (The weekend I drove down to my parents doesn't count, because it involved not being here, driving 600km and car troubles. Not what I'd call a day off.).

And what happens? The phone rings and someone wants to know if I could work the day shift today. The day shift that's twelve hours long. And requires us to work as everything from receptionist to cleaner to vet.

The worst part is that I feel really, really bad for saying I've got plans for today. I don't exactly have plans after all. Just lots of stuff to do. Articles for my dissertation to read, data from the other study I'm doing to enter, general articles to read, loads of laundry to do, a flat to tidy up, paperwork to file, ... very few things that couldn't be done tonight instead of sleep.

Why didn't I choose a less involved job?

My only hope is that the strict orders I've given J. to stop me from going there will work.

Tags: job, stupidity
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