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Spoiler, spoiler, spoiler

Some more thoughts on

Anyone else had to remind themselves that JKR is allowed to invent new things 'cause it's her world? I sometimes went into fanfic mode and started to ask 'where's the canon for that?'

I kept thinking that surly this whole 'weapon'-thing was just a description and HH&R took it way to literaly.

These dreams had me going 'I read it in some fanfic - I know: Telanu!'.

All those new characters and I don't really hate any of them (Ok expect the one especially designed for nothing but Hate) - but I can't decide what to think of Luna Lovegood.

No Snapes on Sirius Family Tree? No Potters? Hmmmmmmmm

The teachers reaction to Umbridge were just priceless - I love the staffroom scene in CoS and this is even better. 'I clould have done it myself, but I didn't know if I had the authority...'

And I know I'm weird but I really want to know the OWL results - Me=Hermione? What gave it away?

The end just seems to easy - Fudge seing Voldemort and suddenly accepting everything? Maybe I'm just to sure that !Fudge is Evil! to belive it. And what about Percy?

And I have to repeat, this High Inquisiton thing is scaring the living daylights out of me. Being helpless, bureaucracy, people thinking they are doing the right thing.
*Shudders* It's just an absolute nightmare.

And just because I wanted it typed and saved

 9:30am Enough! I'll go to wait in front of the shop now. - Strange looks in the elevator from my neighbor who heard me talking to myself 'I want this stupid book. NOW!'
  :37 A queue (Well, the German equivalent - a crowd 20 of people), I don't belive it! Other people as crazy as me. Lots of laughing and looking at the book behind the glass doors. One guy already has the book and is standing right in front of us reading. Plans are made to attack him and get it.
  :44 The books on display are counted and people speculate if there will be enough.
  :47 The shop assistants are grinning at us through the windows. THEY ARE EVIL! Passersby seem to think we're crazy - how they got this strange idea I don't know.
  :50 Other books are taken out and packed away, trying to pass the time. Including one biography of Allan Rickman.
  :51 They are discussing spoilers! I don't want to hear them!
  :52 Nearly 50 people now.
  :54 They are putting the posters up in the shop. Still grinning.
  :57 Wohhhooo! They lowered the price. Only 14,80 €. Now they're taking pictures from behind the safe doors. DIE!
10:00am Open Up Now!
  :10 Home with my book - Starting to read.
  :25 BoxingChampionDudley ?
  :30 Dementors! Oh wow!
  :31 A Squib? o_o Well, that kills a lot of fanfics.
  :44 So much action.
  :50 What's up with Petunia?
11:00am Nymphodora?
  :08 THE PUT-OUTER! Yay!
  :20 Oh yes, I want to find out what Snape's been doing too.
  :30 Sirius mother seems really nice. But why the snakes everywhere in Blacks house?
  :40 Sirius vs. Molly. Ohhhh I want to see that.
  :45 Of age, the final word on the discussion =>Legally adult even if still at school. Hmmmmm
  :52 Oh, Ginny with a temper and nasty curses. I may start to like her yet.
12:02 Ohhhhh, the Black family is Dark!
  :03 And related to the Malfoys and Lestranges.
  :05 *Drummroll* And the fourth man is: Rabastan Lestrange
  :10 '...snogging a pair of old trousers'??? Do I need a new dictionary?
  :30 Percys name is *Percy Ignatius* but Dumbledore has the full Percival *Albus Percival Wulfric Brian*
  :47 MALFOY
  :55 Ron a prefect?
 1:13pm Uhhh, Ginny and Harry alone in the train. Make it not true!
  :14 Ok, at least Neville and this new girl Luna are there too.
  :28 Oh,Harry sees things nobody can see again. But Luna too?
  :34 Sorting Hat gives his opinion? Hufflepuff takes 'the rest' - I knew why I thought it my house. Great qualities to have.
  :59 What's Cho doing?
 2:04 Hmmm, dream interpretation? Could divination actually help the plot this time?
  :15Oh god, I did exactly the same thing last month. Standing up to a teacher and say 'excuse me but that's me you're talking about and you're telling it wrong' Bad move if the teacher still has power over you.
  :30 Nasty Teacher. Cutting isn't something that should be encouraged.
  :36 Hmm, wonder who Ron's meeting? Cho?
  :38 Oh, how boring. He's just practicing Quidditch.
  :43 Little bit of Hrm->Hr there. Asking him if he wants to knit with her.
 3:02 Don't be so upset about Percys letter, be afraid of tomorrows Daily Prophet!
  :20 McGonagall vs. Umbridge! Go Minerva!!
  :30 Krum gets mentioned, Ron gets jealous. It sounds so familiar. But Hermione is ignoring it now.
  :48 I have a bad feeling about that list.
  :49 Ginny got a boyfriend! A ravenclaw!
  :49 No jealous!Hermione when talking about Cho. Hrmph I just know what the H/R shippers will to with that one.
  :54 No boys allowed in the girls dormitories! Oh those poor pupil/pupil shippers *eg*
 4:00 Time for Snape vs. Umbridge! O_O He really wants the DADA job!
  :05 Oh the irony if Harrys dreams could have helped in the end and just because he tried again to solve his problems alone something bad happens. I can hardly wait!
  :11 Another man in drag.
  :15 Hermione is right - Sirius wants Harry expelled.
  :20 Is Voldemorts temper influencing Harry or is he just a normal teenager?
  :22 I just knew that all the clothes were taken by only one houself.
  :25 The chamber-pot room *was* important
  :26 Is it just me or is the Hogwarts weather much worse than the last years?
  :28 Ahhhhh FLINT! Where did they get the Map from?
  :32 I still say this LL is a RS in training - don't tell her anything, she'll tell her father.
  :33 Gahh Cho, can you be any more obvious?
  :41 Nothing happens on Halloween? I can't belive it!
  :58 Now, that's just scary. Too much power in one hand. Why am I getting flashbacks to history lessons and all those Notverordnungen that gave the chancellors nearly complete powers?
 5:20 I think I like the CW thestrals more.
  :30 Fade to black. I've really read to many explicit fanfics.
  :44 Arthur? We'll see.
  :47 What's the matter with AD?
  :54 I've got a bad feeling about this house elf disappearing.
 6:13 Give Sirius something to do. If you don't, he will crack soon.
  :20 Mrs.Lestrange as a house elf Pin-Up? Pervy house elf!
  :25 Lockhart. In St.Mungos!
  :26 "Gilderoy, you naughty boy!" *rofl*
  :35 So Snape is teaching Harry defence against external penetration?
  :45 Someone please kill Cho! "Ohhh, yes." ARGH! You nearly forced him to ask you out! No need to try and sound surprised!
  :56 I wonder what thoughts Snape doesn't want in his head while giving lessons to Harry.
  :58 I like these homework planers.
 7:04 This Bode is really well hidden. Ministry - think's he's a teapot - get's a calendar with hippogriffs and a Devils Snare - dead
  :16 I repeat: KILL CHO!
  :18 And I bet this was the wrong Galleon.
  :24 Exactly what is Hermione drinking? Paper umbrella? Cherries?
  :41 Harry, tell people about it, will you? Maybe Snape? You don't have to like him, JUST TELL HIM!
  :52 A centaur - and the girls fancy him. I have to look up on Catherine the Great.
 8:00 What is Hagrid trying? I thought he maybe had his mother hidden and bound, but that's not really possible. What other dangerous thing can it be that harms him and that Firenze think he's mad in keeping?
  :17 Go with style indeed! Go Dumbledore!
  :18 Aha! No points can be taken by prefects. So what was Percy thinking in CoS? Or is this movie contamination again?
  :23 Veritaserum! I'm sure!
  :34 No one ever told this boy about respecting privacy.
  :40 Hah! Bully!MWPP !!
  :50 The disillusion. Yeah!
 9:05 One time he's actually thinking before he acts and still...
  :15 Anarchy at Hogwarts!
  :27 Wahhhhh! Brother! Not mother but close!
  :32 Hermy & Harry
  :36 Hagrid's sooooo dead!
  :45 Ahhh, the drug consumption right before exams - god, I'm glad I never was this nervous (or took the exams serious enough)
10:00 McGonagall? NOOOOOO!!!
  :10 Stupid! Look at the thing Sirius gave you!!
  :19 Hermione is getting good at lying
  :22 And she's ruthless! Centaurs?
  :30 Action! WOHOOO!!
  :42 Did they just forget Luna?
  :43 Ok, there she is again.
11:08 SIRIUS??? AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
  :19 The only intact statues the goblin and the houself? An omen?
  :20 Ahhh, self hate, mistakes, doubt. I can't wait for HP4GU to start discussing it.
  :30 I knew it BAD HOUSE ELF!
  :40 Trelawneys first prophecy.
  :45 "Lord Thingy" *g*
  :48 I will not speculate what the centaurs did with Umbridge!

  • in the first hour the difficulties of buying the book -> Evil book store workers, grinning through the glass door pointing to the clock [9:57am] and taking photos of the waiting masses - they were really having fun
  • Lots of wild speculation which was mostly proofed wrong on the next page
  • The result of reading to much slash - not even the most innocuous statements were safe
  • Misuse of exclamation marks and lots of incoherent rambling -> Wohhhoooo!!! Ohhhhhhh O_O Arrrrrggghhhh! Noooooo!
  • A general abuse of the English language.

Now that I've got time to think about such minor details, I'm slightly annoyed that I have to write down the chapter titles, numbers and pages because obviously the publishers didn't deem it necessary.

My mother just called - my sisters school is surprisingly evil. The pupils having ordered OotP will get it tomorrow - but it's finals week.

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